Fitness & Conditioning - We will work with your dog to increase fitness levels and build muscle tone. Great for working dogs, pet dogs and show dogs to maintain muscular tone and fitness. This session lasts approximately 30 minutes, includes a pre and post-swim shower and costs £25.


Weight Loss Swims - Does your dog need to lose a few pounds? Let us help! Hydrotherapy is a fantastic source of exercise and puts less strain on the joints than conventional land based activities. This session lasts approximately 30 minutes, includes a pre and post-swim shower and costs £25.


Rehabilitation Swims - Is your dog recovering from an injury or surgery? We can work alongside your vets/specialists to tailor a programme specific to your dog and their very special needs. This session lasts approximately 30 minutes, includes a pre and post-swim shower and costs £25.


We welcome all types of dog, regardless of their previous experience in the water. We welcome newbies to the water with open arms!



All appointments must be pre-booked in advance. All dogs swimming at the centre must have a signed veterinary referral form. This can be downloaded from the website or we can email it to you. This is a simple form completed by your vet to confirm that your dog is medically fit to swim and includes any information we may need to know for rehabilitation swims. Most vets are very happy to fill out the form for you.


We will also ask you to read and sign a copy of our terms and conditions. Please read these before you first come to the centre. 


At your appointment your dog will have a pre-swim shower to help warm the muscles and remove any dirt from their coat prior to entering the pool. Your dog will then enter the pool and begin their swim session! The swim session is tailored to the individual dog and varies depending on their current condition and water confidence. The maximum swim time is 20 minutes. Owner participation from the side is usually encouraged as this helps to increase your dogs confidence; this may be as simple as standing at the edge of the pool where your dog can see you or walking around the pool (on the outside!) as your dog swims! Although you will not be entering the pool you should expect to get a little wet (some dogs enjoy splashing water around!). After their swim your dog will have a post-swim shower and a quick towel dry. We encourage you to keep your dog warm after a session and it can be useful to bring a towel and/or a towelling/fleece coat to help keep your dog warm.


All sessions must be paid for in cash or cheque prior to the start of the session. 

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